Creating Well-Structured Specifications in MOFLON

Carsten Amelunxen, Tobias Rötschke


Considering the growing popularity of model-based development, specifications
become more complex. As a consequence, graph-based modeling tools
have to take measures to handle this complexity. In this paper, we present the metamodeling
environment MOFLON which has been developed on top of the FUJABA
Toolsuite during the last few years at our department. We focus one of MOFLON's
strongest advantages, i.e. the realization of the abstraction and modularization features
introduced by the recent UML 2.0 Infrastructure specification. The new concept
of package merge allows to reuse and refine existing models without modifying
the original. Subset and redefinition relationships become useful tools to refine associations
due to the automatic propagation mechanism generated by the MOFLON
code generator. We show how the user can organize large specifications using these
concepts and how they effect graph transformation rules and code generation.

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