Multi-core and/or Symbolic Model Checking

Tom van Dijk, Alfons Laarman, Jaco van de Pol


We review our progress in high-performance model checking. Our multi-core model checker is based on a scalable hash-table design and parallel random-walk traversal. Our symbolic model checker is based on Multiway Decision Diagrams and the saturation strategy. The LTSmin tool is based on the PINS architecture, decoupling model checking algorithms from the input specification language. Consequently, users can stay in their own specification language and postpone the choice between parallel or symbolic model checking. We support widely different specification languages including those of SPIN (Promela), mCRL2 and UPPAAL (timed automata). So far, multi-core and symbolic algorithms had very little in common, forcing the user in the end to make a wise trade-off between memory or speed. Recently, however, we designed a novel multi-core BDD package called Sylvan. This forms an excellent basis for scalable parallel symbolic model checking.

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