GPMN-Edit: High-level and Goal-oriented Workflow Modeling

Kai Jander, Winfried Lamersdorf


Workflow modeling and tools for designing and editing workflows is an important part of business process automation. One of the challenges of workflow design has been the gap between business users and technical users. While technical users require detailed and formal models for execution, the focus for business users generally consists of more abstract and business-related aspects of the workflow such as the purpose of the workflow and business goals it derives from the business process. One approach aiming to address this gap are goal-oriented workflows which explicitly represent the business goals as part of the workflow semantic. This paper presents an approach and a tool called GPMN-Edit for modeling such goal-oriented workflows using the Goal-oriented Process Modeling Notation (GPMN). Furthermore, GPMN-Edit allows users to mask specific details of the workflow they consider irrelevant for the task at hand while still being able to continue changing the workflow.

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